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Written by Keith Hancock

Website big hitters in the travel business, Skyscanner have just published their list of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world. Not surprisingly for those of us who live here, Vietnam is ranked at number 1. Any expat in Saigon will happily talk for hours about how they can go out, enjoy a night on the beer, with a meal thrown in, and come home having spent less than ten dollars. It really is not difficult to do.

Hanoi morning 

Of course Vietnam, in general, and the big cities in particular has the diversity and variety that anyone would expect of a modern thriving country. What singles it out, is the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat well, stay in decent accommodation and thoroughly enjoy yourself. On a recent trip to Hoi An, I got a good quality room with air conditioning and a balcony for 8 dollars per night. The cheapest beer I found in town worked out at 14 cents! Imagine that, 7 beers for one US dollar! I also ate in delightful restaurants and all at extremely reasonable prices.

Taxis in Vietnam are like everywhere else, there are good guys and there are rip off merchants, but by sticking to the country’s two largest companies, Mai Linh and Vinasun, you will be guaranteed a fair meter rate, and it’s a rate that is a lot cheaper than in the West.
Hoi An Old Town
It comes as no surprise, to find Asia and Southeast Asia doing very well in this list. In addition to Vietnam in first place, Indonesia was second, India sixth and Cambodia ninth. All are excellent holiday destinations rich in culinary, cultural and historical diversity. Vietnam in my opinion, not only wins on price but also on holiday experience. It is a fascinating country, packed full of everything that one would want on a holiday of any kind, and with a people that are as kind hearted and generous as any I have met.
Vietnam has some of the most amazing historical and cultural sites in the world. With seven UNESCO World Heritage SItes already inscribed and a further seven on the Tentative List, there is much to see and do. Even here though, one is not expected to have to pay extortionate entry prices, most are extremely reasonably priced, whilst others are, of course, free.
Sai Gon by night
At a time when political unrest is unsettling the Thai tourism industry, Vietnam looks likely to be the big winner. Along with Myanmar, both these countries have remained somewhat secret to Western eyes, for different reasons. Myanmar of course was all but closed to foreigners until recently. In the case of Vietnam, for many Westerners the history was a bit too recent. However, any traveller can rest assured, they will be treated with the utmost respect by a people who’s moral code is, in general, higher than almost any other I have met.
Vietnam is a superb holiday destination, book your flight happy in the knowledge that the biggest holiday expense is already behind you. Go with us Vietsense Travel!


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