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  • Important Vietnamese Phrases

    Note: The “kh” sound is essentially a hard “h” sound, like the “ch” sound in Hebrew words. Sometimes it incorporates the “k” sound, sometimes it doesn’t. Because the slightest change in pronunciation can be a totally different word, use caution when trying to communicate in Vietnamese.

  • Food Regions in Vietnam

    Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its blend of flavors, fresh seafood, and generous use of herbs and vegetables. The food has drawn from Chinese, Thai, and French influences while maintaining its own unique cultural flavor– the result is a style that is distinct, memorable, and absolutely delicious.
    The geography and culture of Vietnam has given rise to three separate food regions across the country, and each area serves up its own array of dishes that have to be tried while you’re there. You don’t want to miss these delicious specialties, so take note here’s what you need to know to have some of the best foods possible while you’re traveling in Vietnam.
  • Western Guide To Vietnamese Culture

    In Western Society, we’re pretty used to what we do on a daily basis. There isn’t much of an air of ‘culture’ that we really pay attention to – more what our parents and families have instilled in us. What we consider to be right and wrong, and the do and don’t of the world. But, in Vietnam, the people are proud of their culture – and they adhere to it as an integral part of their society. It’s quite universal, and it’s not worth running the risk of upsetting anybody without meaning to.

  • Hoi An Highlight

    The Old Town is very much still alive and well. A UNESCO World Heritage site it is a fascinating place, entered by passing over the ancient Japanese Bridge. Rebuild many years ago this unique structure has a Buddhist temple built into it. Once over the bridge there are hundreds of small shops and old houses. Tourist can, for a few dollars, buy a ticket that grants them entry to five of the major old buildings here, including the Japanese Bridge.

  • Moc Chau plateau in early morning

    Travel 120 miles northwest of Hanoi in the north of Vietnam and you will come to the Moc Chau plateau. More than one thousand meters above sea level, this picturesque steppe of green tea plantations covers the widest area grass fields in the north of the country. The climate is temperate, perfect for the tea crops. The flowers here with their pretty white blooms, make this an extremely beautiful place to visit.

  • Vietnam: The most inexpensive holiday in the world

    Website big hitters in the travel business, Skyscanner have just published their list of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world. Not surprisingly for those of us who live here, Vietnam is ranked at number 1. Any expat in Saigon will happily talk for hours about how they can go out, enjoy a night on the beer, with a meal thrown in, and come home having spent less than ten dollars. It really is not difficult to do.

  • Love market in Sapa

    Amongst all the hiking and trekking routes available in the world, there is one place unlike any other and it offers something magical for those seeking love. The place in question is the scenic and serene Sapa. To be more precise, the place in question is Sapa’s unique Love Market.

    What is the history of the Sapa Love Market?

  • Sapa life in clouds

    One of the most picturesque and geographically interesting regions in Vietnam is the mountainous area of Sapa. Situated in the north of the country, it lies about 100 miles to the north east of Hanoi and is best accessible by catching the overnight train to Lao Cai on the Chinese border. The town that carries the same name as the resin sits at 5000 feet above sea level. Sapa is surrounded by magnificent mountainous scenery on all sides.

  • Sample Local Food in Sapa

    If you’ve made it to Sapa way up in the North West of Vietnam, you’ve no doubt already sampled a vast array of Vietnamese food. You may have even journeyed all the way from the south, stuffing yourself with as many platters of spring rolls, steaming bowls of pho and sticky handfuls of pastries a possible on the way. Now, surrounding by mountains and perched on hills overlooking valleys of verdant green rice, it is time to sample what Sapa has to offer. Sapa is a unique place filled with unique people who are all undoubtedly eating unique food, so give yourself a break from the usual Vietnamese staples and sample some of Sapas best, or ‘most interesting’, local foods.

  • 7 ways Hanoi is unlike any other Asian city

    Traveling in Southeast Asia can get a bit samey-samey after a while. It’s all temples, heat and tourist traps, right? Until you get to Hanoi. 
    The Vietnamese capital is like a breath of fresh air. The city is a graceful pastiche of cultural influences from the French and Chinese, while the Vietnamese have stubbornly retained their local ways.
    Here are the things that we love about it most and that makes Hanoi stand out from all other cities in Asia.
  • Cu Lao Cham Island

    Vietnam has many islands, yet only one of them is listed in the famous old “silk road” on the east sea. It is Cu Lao Cham or Cham island, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Here, tourists can partake in sight-seeing or just enjoy the under-sea beauty.

    Cu Lao Cham belonging to Hoi An town in Quang Nam province comprises of several islets including the Lao, Lui, Dai, Mo, Kho, La, Tai and Nom, of which Lao is the biggest. On this islet, there are the beaches of the Ong, Lang and Huong with about 3,000 inhabitants who earn their living by fishing and farming. Lao islet has primeval forests, streams and beautiful beaches with clear, blue water.
  • Don't miss Saigon

    Saigon is the name some locals and tourists prefer to call Ho Chi Minh City, but whatever you call it, this world-famous city has made an  impact in modern history and culture. Located by the banks of the Saigon River, this former capital of Vietnam is the largest city in the country, as well as its financial center. This makes HCMC the most westernized city, and skyscrapers and modern amenities mix in with Indochinese sensibilities and French Colonial heritage sites to create a very unique experience.
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