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Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*Thanh Kieu Resort 3*

Thanh Kieu Resort 3*

Thanh Kieu Resort is favored with blue sea water, golden sands, bright sunshine…
The garden is wonderful with flowers, green glass, bamboo, pineapple and coconut, etc. Thanh Kieu Beach Resort realized their visions in building a hotel in which tourists and their families can feel comfortable as they are guests in local private houses.
Owing to a big part of the sensitivity of Thanh Kieu Beach Resort, a family has helped to foster a friendly and subtle feeling for all operations of the hotel and resort. Trees, flowers and natural utensils close to human being are used every day, which helps to shape a country like and simple style under the Vietnamese lifestyle.

Many innovations were applied in Thanh Kieu’s houses when it was opened in 2005 in Phu Quoc Island, 2 km distance against Duong Dong Town, and took only 15 minutes from airport and 40 minutes from port by bus to reach.

Peaceful and simple atmosphere in Thanh Kieu Beach Resort in Phu Quoc has attracted thousands of tourists.
Thanh Kieu Beach Resort is the foundation; it also opened a new age with a new trend of resort. Through its history, Thanh Kieu Beach Resort has always attracted thousands of domestic and foreign tourists because of its attractive factors such as creativeness, nature and beautiful scenes, etc.
For more than 7 years since its establishment, starting just as a bungalow, but now we has expanded up to 40 bungalows to meet increasing demands of local and foreign tourists.



Garden view bungalows are perfect for a family or group of friends. It suite 1 double bed and 1 single bed. There are set are amongst our gardens, surrounded by coconut’s and Palm’s trees you will be amazed by the beauty and simplicity of this quietness place mixing the fragrance of plants and colors. And all have a big terraces, coffee table and hammock.


This kind of room offer you a big one double bed , and open air bathroom, great for some romance & chill out time.
The interiors are elegant and spacious, using wood ceiling and cover around by red brick.
A terrace is perfect for reading and relaxing with hammock.
Sorry but it missing telephone line , TV and air-conditioning. But it has fan, refrigerator, wifi in your bungalow and internet access use for free at reception.


Sea view bungalows with unbelievable view, you can look though the spectacular beach, from this kind of bungalows, it is just a ten step walk to the sand.
Lovely bungalow in a perfectly kept garden with a nice view on the ocean. Great outside bathroom like having a shower surrounded by sun shine, and good terrace with coffee table and hammock in front of the bungalows. The double doors opened onto a patio where you could watch the sunset.
There are also set-up integrated in nature and have no air conditioned and we also kept quite without Tivi.
Beachfront bungalows are a little pricier but the view of the sunset is magnificent. It is very peaceful and sure that you will never want to leave.



The breakfast starts a new day for your trip in natural and elegant manner.

Our restaurant carries harmonious patterns of interiors typical of cuisine style in the sea of Phu Quoc. The restaurant is divided in to two zones. You can enjoy your dinner in warm corners with candles and flowers, or have your breakfasts in the restaurant located outdoor under branches of sunlight and wind.

Extremely delicious, attractive and nutritious seafood offered in abundant menu, a restaurant in simple, warm space will be background for you to discover a colorful sky of fresh seafood in this area. Fresh and high-quality foods are caught right in the sea surrounding the island, and processed by skillful cooks, which will be a great experience for you. Professional cooks and enthusiastic, joyful staffs will provide you with delicious and satisfactory seafood parties.

Beach bar

After having meals in the restaurant, you can go to the bar to breath fresh air of the island beach and listen to tuneful melodies. What can be more interesting than walking on the windy beach.

Beach Bar is a wonderful corner to view sunset in the late afternoon and to sip drinks and snacks served by the bar. The most noticeable is types of famous cocktails, cold beers and wines, and enjoy the best wines as well as drinks in this place.

Let’s enjoy joyful moments with your family and friends in the wind of a romantic tropical beach and feel your health recovery, relaxing mind and spreading joy.


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Sea View Bungalow


Superior Garden View


Garden View Bungalow



Thanh Kieu Resort 3*
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Thanh Kieu Resort 3* Thanh Kieu Resort 3*
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